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ABOUT Samahita

Samahita means Centered, a sense of balance in all areas of life. Our mission is to share expertise in breath, body, and mind wellbeing practices, that cultivate physical and mental health, in a natural, sustainable and supportive environment, to give you the tools and space to transform your life.

Samahita’s beginning dates back to the early 1990s when its founder was exploring the realms of breath, meditation, yoga-āsana, science, spirituality, health and fitness. From 2003, our physical location on Samui first opened. Samahita’s Soul comes from the people directly involved and the inspirations spurring it on, to Samahita’s Heart that encompasses that vision and inspiration in the spaces for practice, eating, sleeping, relaxing and making personal breakthroughs.

Samahita: A Pioneering Wellbeing Retreat Center

Our purpose is to help positively shape and affect your life. We encourage engagement and participation in activities and practices. We care about your wellbeing and know from experience and up-to-date scientific research that health, growth, and transformation cannot be served up with passive involvement but rather stimulated in you through mutual effort.

Our focus as a pioneering Wellbeing Retreat Center is not purely business. See more on our Wellbeing approach. We believe some things are more important than just prioritizing the earning of revenue and making a profit. We demonstrated this through two years of covid closure, taking care of all employees and the care of the center at considerable cost. Read about our story and being set up with an original purpose and the respect and gratitude to many early influences.

We offer you value and quality in space, place and activity – a truly healthy and clean choice of food, an environment where you can personally transform, and a set of tools and practices you can learn, bring home, and keep up to support your daily life and overall wellbeing.

Samahita is uniquely located on 200m beachfront and offers clean, modern conveniences at high standards of hospitality & delivers authentic and genuine practices that help to both empower and transform people without any attached dogma.

The Soul of Samahita is built from a rich experience of learning and practice, a personal touch and understanding translated directly into the fabric of our place. Learn more about our Practice & Teaching, Samahita’s Teaching Team, the wonderful staff of Samahita, and a bit on Samahita’s founder.

The Heart of Samahita is found in its impressive mix of facilities that provide the space for your experience, as well as through the food where tasty and healthy merge powerfully, and in our quality mix of guest rooms, where you can stay in the highest of standards right at the beach or find rooms to suit all budgets from beach to garden. And when here you can also paddle board, kayak and snorkel, amongst other activities. Feel free to take a tour and find out where Samahita is located.

Practice & Teaching

Whether you call it yoga, meditation or spiritual practice, or working on yourself, self-development, biohacking, or more, our approach covers several practices that involve the body, breath, heart and mind, as the following graphic displays.

We offer group classes, and one-on-one private sessions. Paul Dallaghan, founder and main teacher of Samahita and Centered Yoga, has spent over 20 years refining the practice of asana (body), pranayama (breath), meditative techniques (mind), mantra (sound), chanting and mindful compassion (heart) as well as body optimizing practices (core strength and cardio) that also enhance the mind. Combined, the effect is to help one live a more empowered life, full of energy, kind to others, and clear in mind.

These are some Yoga Fitness Breath Meditation classes you can expect to attend at Samahita:

  • Engaged Dynamic Āsana (different sequences)
  • Restorative Āsana (different sequences)
  • Basic Breathwork and Breathing Exercises
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breath techniques)
  • Contemplation on gratitude, forgiveness, and guidance
  • Meditation techniques (several approaches)
  • Morning Silent self Cycle
  • Afternoon Fun Music guided Cycle
  • Core integrated strength and fitness

Samahita’s Teaching Team

The teaching staff at Samahita have been guests and students in their early visits here, then completed numerous training programs in yoga, fitness and health, and are now part of the team because of their skill, love of the place, and their interest and joy to share and teach others who come here, as they know firsthand what that is about.

Samahita’s Staff

In order to keep this dedicated retreat center running, it takes over 35 staff with a full management team, to work continuously both in front and behind the scenes. Samahita effectively employs a Thai village, many of whom are family members, and is proud to contribute fully to the local community and economy. We are happy to say that many of our original employees from 2003 are still with us, now in senior management roles. Your stay with us directly supports Thailand and its people.

Samahita’s Founder

Dr. Paul Dallaghan started Centered Yoga as a vehicle to offer teachings while still living in New York City in 1999. There he met Jutima Chombhubutr, originally from Thailand, and they both traveled to live and study and practice in India from 2001 to 2007. Within that time they also began to build a home in Thailand where they together established Yoga Thailand (early Samahita) in 2003 on Koh Samui. Adding to that came family and two wonderful sons in 2004 and 2007. For them, Samahita was not a corporate venture or a business opportunity but rather a way of life and how to share incredibly beneficial practices, healthy and nutritious food, all within a harmonious setting.


With 4 dedicated shalas, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, a beachside yoga+fitness studio, a sea view fitness loft, meditation garden, 2 x beachfront pools, a herbal steam room, wellness center with therapies, float tank, and saunas, plus juice & coffee bar, beachfront lounge & dining, and a lifestyle shop – there’s plenty to explore, do, relax, and let go!


Vitality and quality of life are directly influenced by the food you take which impacts your energy levels. It affects practice and activity progress. We care about that here and do our best to serve you food that is natural, healthy, and absolutely delicious. It’s all homemade from scratch with a lot of care!

Guest Rooms

Stay in either our “Inhale” Beachfront Rooms or in our “Exhale” Gardenview Rooms, where there is a variety of private and semi-private options, directly at the beach or retreated in the garden, with several price point options.

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