Travel Update – Samui Sandbox

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Travel Update – Samui Sandbox

By Dr. Paul Dallaghan

Latest update on travel to Samui as announced on January 11th, 2022:

You can travel to Samui WITHOUT any quarantine on the SAMUI SANDBOX program. Still follow the three steps below.

In step 2 book your flight on one itinerary all the way to Samui (on the sealed flight).

In step 3 apply for the ThaiPass QR code Samui Sandbox option. This means you stay your first night on Samui in a hotel, take a PCR test, and the next morning can arrive at Samahita. Safe and easy.

Samahita is OPEN. Arrive here on Samui Sandbox travel.

Here are the 3 steps to Paradise

1. Book your dates at Samahita
2. Book your Samui Sandbox sealed route flight
3. Select Samui Sandbox for Thai Pass QR code

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