Float Therapy

Samahita offers you world class float therapy. Floating is an amazing, zero-gravity experience that allows your mind and body to completely relax, let go, and reset. It’s so simple yet so beneficial, all you have to do is get in our state-of-the-art Dreampod and float on the water. Benefits can be experienced from the very first float, while ongoing therapies can have profound effects.

Our Dreampod Float Tank

Float DreampodWe have installed the most advanced float tank in the market, the Dreampod V2 Flagship. The tank is both slick and comfortable with maximum sound-proofing and heat retention, and a hidden passive air circulation system, to give you a superb floating experience.

If desired, soothing and beautiful light animations can be experienced during your float, through a high power lighting system, which can be controlled inside of the Dreampod. In addition, if you wish to have sound, you get excellent underwater acoustics via two tactile transducers embedded into the front of the pod.

This tank is highly hygienic with a filter device capable of filtering debris ¼ the size of the diameter of human hair, and water pumped via a UV light array to manage microorganisms. With an anti-slip surface, the tank is also highly safe for you to use.

Your Experience Floating

Your Float experienceThe whole float experience is designed to restrict your mind and body’s access to perceptible external sensory input. The tank is filled with 8-10 inches of skin-temperature water for maximum comfort, with high grade epsom salts added to create a solution that gives buoyancy and upsets the effects of gravity, allowing you to float effortlessly on top of the water. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the peaceful experience.

For further sensory reduction you can use the ear plugs provided and turn the tank’s lights completely off, to allow the deepest state of relaxation to be achieved. Once stimulation from the outside world is reduced to an absolute minimum and the input from gravity, light, sound and touch fade away, your body is allowed to decompress, releasing many of its usual tensions, while your mind is totally free from all its usual distractions. Many people report feeling weightless, relaxed and introspective.

Amazing Benefits

Amazing Float benefitsAs you float, your senses receive less and less input, so your mind becomes calm and peaceful and your body can relax at a level you have probably never experienced.

 Benefits of floating therapy include: 

  • Deep relaxation for your over-stimulated mind
  • Generates deep alpha, theta or even delta brainwaves
  • Total release for a tired body
  • Helps you recover from injury, pain and illness
  • Helps you build stress resilience
  • Releases feel-good endorphins
  • Supports hormone resetting
  • Supports metabolic balance

Float Therapy is a profound experience that can be truly meditative – a wonderful opportunity to reset your body and mind. We highly recommend it as part of your experience at Samahita, a place that promotes inner experience, stress resilience, better health, so that your entire system emits and shares joy.

The best way to use – and get the most savings – is to add on a package of Float Therapy at our Wellness Center, or experience the benefits as part of your Total Self-Care or Brain Health Upgrade booked programs.