Reflections on Yoga Practice

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Reflections on Yoga Practice

By Dr. Paul Dallaghan

Feel Love Experience Joy! – What does it really mean to practice Yoga? Here, Paul Dallaghan offers his humble reflections and insight into the true nature and purpose of practice. Originally shot just over 8 years ago with music and voice of Daphne Tse. Recut by Gray Bashew this video still has the impact of the original.

Dr. Paul Dallaghan’s expertise with breathwork, body and meditative practices comes from three sources: (1) three decades of daily dedicated practice and teaching these techniques; (2) uniquely acknowledged in the Yoga tradition by the title of “Master Yogi-Prānācharya (expert in breath)”, following an immersion in the original culture through one-on-one direct training in practice and study of ancient texts; (3) a PhD in doctoral scientific research at a leading US university (Emory) covering both the tradition and science of yoga and breath practices in terms of stress, health and aging. As a result, Paul occupies a unique space to impart genuine teaching and science on the breath, body, and meditative practices, seen as a Teacher-of-teachers and identified to carry on the tradition of Pranayama. His sincere and ongoing role is to teach, write and research, to help put out experienced and authentic information on these areas of how we live, breathe and be, to help people improve their mental and physical health, and live more fulfilling lives.

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