Wellbeing, Sustainability & Charity

Samahita: a Pioneering Sustainable & Wellbeing Retreat Center since 2003

Samahita means centered: A pioneer of the holistic wellbeing retreat center, set up to offer the tools and the space to transform your life by enhancing both vitality and inner peace equally, and thereby nurturing mental health. Based on decades of expertise in the breath, meditation, the practice of yoga, diet and nutrition, brain health, and delivery of fitness routines that engage you in your wellbeing process, in a uniquely supportive natural and sustainable environment.

Wellbeing means being proactive, engaged and involved in how you take care of yourself and the world around you, every day in life. “Wellness” is only one component of Wellbeing. This means participating in practices with an integrated breath-body-mind approach. And, more conscientious by being conscious of your impact on the environment, supporting sustainable business, and thinking of others, both people and all living creatures.


Samahita was set up for your wellbeing, proactive and engaged, with sustainable care for the planet, and support and love for others in need, people and animals. Come and uplift yourself.


With decades of experience in breath practice, teaching it at Samahita daily since 2003, we offer expertise and safe and authentic guidance in breath practice that you can keep up and benefit from everyday.


With a highly experienced teaching team, YogaCoreCycle was put together to deliver great yoga āsana classes, fitness core and strengthening sessions, and beachview indoor cycling classes. Add to that top tier Wellness packages and food that is not just natural and healthy (but it is), but TASTY and DELICIOUS.


We offer daily meditation & breathwork sessions, have curated a Brain Health Upgrade program, all in a peaceful environment to support your mental health and psychological wellbeing. It’s possible to take that home with you.


All done to create a supportive environment for like-minded people to meet & connect: Community!! Plus, we hire local staff, support a large Thai community, and always buy from local artisans.


We donate and support local causes and animal care. Our biggest program for donation and support right now is the aid of Burmese migrant children escaping the atrocities there to help them get educated here in Thailand. Join us and help positively impact lives and support those in need.


As early providers of ecotourism, we have never used or sold single use plastic, we minimize or eliminate all other plastic use, we recycle and compost, emphasize sustainable water usage, offer refillable drinking water stations, we have never used disposable hotel-style bathroom products, together we regularly engage in beach cleaning, and built in eco-friendly components to our guest rooms.

Wellbeing for the Planet

An eco-conscious approach to travel


Samahita has taken steps to go green since our birth in 2003 offering conscious, nutritionally-sound, activity-focused, sustainable travel vacations. Our sustainable travel practices and commitments to ecotourism include:

  • No Plastic
    Plastic is replaced by paper straws, aluminum drinking bottles, paper bags and local banana leaves for food take out and fabric shopping bags as well as ceramic shower bottles.
  • Recycling
    We compost most leftover food and recycle other forms of trash. Guests clear their own plates at the recycling center therefore participate in taking care of waste and going green. And we use recycled wood for decor and furniture.
  • Water Usage
    We have our own eco-conscious wells on the property and bathrooms have low-flush toilets. Guests are encouraged to be highly conscious of water usage, including the benefits of cooler showers. We provide complimentary Berkey water filter stations.
  • Beach Clean
    Humans pollute the seas and nature throws it up on the beach, so we organize weekly “love the beach” clean up sessions which many staff and guests happily partake in. A way to bring people together and spread awareness of the problem.
  • Eco-Friendly Guest Rooms
    We make use of cross-ventilation of air, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting and brick-work that minimizes energy and sound loss. Rooms have no TVs to reduce EMF and bathrooms include bio-sustainable complimentary toiletries.
  • Local, Healthy Food
    Our natural homemade food is unprocessed, with local and organic ingredients as much as possible. To keep it healthy there is also no sugar, no iodized salt, no MSG or related products in our food, and only stable and healthy oils and fats.
  • Local Employment
    We support the local community by employing a large team of Thai staff, many of whom are like family and have been with us since the start, some now in senior management roles. Your stay with us directly supports Thailand and its people.

Wellbeing for Humanity

Care for others and support through Charity and Community


Samahita as a leading wellbeing retreat means we are also focused on the wellbeing of humanity through charity. We help raise funds for local and international causes to help positively impact lives and support those in need. Life is not easy for many of our fellow humans.

Protect a Generation

1. Join Us and Support Burmese Migrant Kids

Samahita supports The Andaman Center for Migrant Education that helps Burmese kids fleeing chaos in Myanmar to receive a good education here in Thailand. We are grateful for any support you can offer this wonderful cause.

Protect a Generation

The Andaman Center for Migrant Educations provides education for over 120 refugee children from Myanmar. Migrant workers from Myanmar come as laborers and refugees with the hope of a better way of life; yet, unfortunately, their children have no right to an education. Without school, many children end up working in low-skilled and low-paying jobs. Their school not only supports migrant families through education, but also with medical care, human rights advocacy, and women’s empowerment programs.

Uplift a Community

Many families are fleeing Myanmar due to political and economic instability. Without the Andaman Center, these children are at high risk of human trafficking, poverty, and labor exploitation. They provide education that can break the cycle of poverty for marginalized communities in Southern Thailand.

Join the Network and  Donate Today

The school is sustained by few caring individuals, organizations, and donors. 100% of donations go directly to the school. To serve 130 students, the school must raise an annual budget of $42,0000. Please help them provide a safe space and better future for these children.

SCAN ABOVE OR DONATE AT PayPal: Global Purpose Group

2. Love Animals

We also support the local animals at the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation and have aided the adoption of many beach dogs to guest’s homes around the world over the years.

3. Empower Women and Children of India

Samahita is an annual sponsor of Yoga Gives Back, empowering India’s women and children to create sustainable lives with basic education, scholarships for higher education, and microloans for businesses.


We believe in being part of the community we live and work in. Being in Thailand, we are surrounded by temples and the local schools. Our Karma yoga projects have been helping to renovate local temples and schools since 2008. We also support the local community by hiring Thai staff and by selling local artisan products.

Samahita Retreat creates a supportive, community-focused, friendly environment for like-minded people to meet and connect. With open dining, guests can connect and enjoy meeting others from around the world. Many guests return regularly to what has become their ‘home away from home’.

Wellbeing for You

Engaging in cultivating and developing your mental and physical health

Our purpose is to help positively shape and affect your life. We encourage proactivity in your own wellbeing through healthy food choices, as well as engagement and participation in the activities and practices we offer from yoga and fitness to wellness programs, teacher trainings and retreats.


Though the past few years have seen a rise in interest in the “Breath”, Samahita has been guiding and teaching breathwork, breath practices, and more involved breath routines since we opened in 2003. Samahita’s founder, Dr. Paul D, has been studying and practicing with the breath since the mid-1990s. He is the only individual to have received an acknowledged title of Master Yogi-Prānācharya (Breath Expert) from the Indian tradition of Prānāyāma. His PhD studies also focused on “Breath, stress and health: a biocultural study.” The teaching team at Samahita have immersed in breath practice for years and are skilled at delivering the techniques. This may differ to what is popularly hyped as it is based on both scientifically validated methods of breathing as well as breath practices that have been taught in the yoga tradition for almost two-millennia. Simply put, we look forward to sharing with you a safe, effective, and rewarding set of breath practices.


With daily meditation & breathwork included in our programs, and a dedicated Brain Health Upgrade program, wellbeing of mind can be achieved through participation to get clear guidance on practices you can take home, as well as being in the peaceful, beautiful environment right on a quiet beach.


Our teaching team have trained and practiced with the body for decades, rising to some of the most advanced levels in yoga āsana practice. YogaCoreCycle was put together to deliver great yoga āsana classes, fitness core and strengthening sessions, and beachview indoor cycling classes. Our Wellness offering also includes cleansing practices, infrared sauna therapy, sensory-reduced float therapy, & total self-care massage packages.

Plus, our approach to food is not just natural and healthy (but it is), but rather that is TASTY and DELICIOUS. If you don’t like the food it can’t be healthy for you. We manage to do this by home-cooking everything. This is food that supports vitality.