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Alone at Samahita

By Daniel Stringer

Paul is Alone at Samahita. Will he make it through the international Covid 19 lockdown or will delusion, hallucinations and insanity overcome him? Watch the Drama unfold here. More episodes coming soon…

Alone at Samahita Episode 11.

The day of reckoning arrives for Hansel son of Hansel. Delusion is overcome & Paul finds his true self (with a little help from his friends.)

Alone at Samahita Episode 10.

When reality and apparition collide. You’re not real! No Hansel, you are not real.

Alone at Samahita Episode 9.

Hansel son of Hansel takes over and he likes to …. wiggle! 

Alone at Samahita Episode 8.

Paul discovers the true meaning of love and non violence through the power of Mantra.

Alone at Samahita Episode 7.

Pool Party! Paul enjoys a quiet sunny afternoon by the pool until some gatecrashers bring the party to him.

Alone at Samahita Episode 6.

Paul decides that practicing meditation is becoming far too dangerous and so opts for pranayama instead only to discover the power of breath is not to be messed with.

Alone at Samahita Episode 5.

Paul is beginning to enjoy some peace and quiet and decides to take a nap in the lounge until two unexpected visitors arrive.

Alone at Samahita Episode 4. Paul makes the most of his quiet time with some deep meditation (but not as you know it)

Alone at Samahita episode 3. Paul’s getting bored and sitting on tables. Is it another mirage or does he see Mary Taylor waiting for a dance? Or will Paul be dancing by himself again?

Alone at Samahita Episode 2. Paul has been alone for nearly a month now and minor hallucinations begin. Is that Richard Freeman? Will he make it through?

Alone at Samahita Episode 1. Paul is all alone at Samahita. What are the long term side effects of isolation?

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