Samahita Retreat as a destination offers several adventure and local activities to explore our local environment and culture, when not practicing, working out or relaxing.  Some are complimentary weekly and some are offered for additional fees upon request.

Paddle Boards

Explore the water, find your balance and even steady your core as you stand or kneel and paddle, or even try a yoga posture or two. We have a perfect shallow basin with calm waters to practice on in front of our retreat, and a deeper boat channel to journey out beyond the reef for the more experienced. Enquire at the front desk reception to sign out a board. Complimentary use.


Discover our water front and work out the arms, shoulders and back muscles in the process. All you can do on a paddle board but sitting down in a kayak, which makes it easier to venture out further along our tropical coast line. Enquire at the front desk reception. Complimentary use.

Snorkel & Local Island Boat Trip

Upon request,  we can organize a boat trip for all of our in-house guests. Local long tail fisher boats with shaded seating take you to visit one of the local islands and to snorkel in these tropical waters and walk the quiet, secluded island beach. When tide and weather permit you can board and return at Samahita’s beach. Please sign up at front desk reception.  Additional fees will be applied.

Beach Walks

Mother Nature’s gift right at your feet. Go barefoot and ground yourself. Samahita is situated on a quiet and peaceful stretch of beach that extends out for a beautiful 4 km walk. Enjoy the unique colors of our piercing sunrise and special backlit sunsets clouds.  Complimentry group activity.

Temple Walks

Join our team for a walk along the beach to the Laem Sor Pagoda complex and climb up to Khao Chedi Pagoda. Although it takes a bit of a climb to get there once you’ve arrived you will have one of the greatest views of the area. You’ll learn about the history and Thai Buddhist Culture, explore the beautiful, natural bird life and tropical vegetation along the way and at the top enjoy the stunning vistas across the bay and over to Koh Tan Island and Koh Madsum island. As this is an active religious site please be sure to dress respectfully.  Complimentary group activity.

Beach Love

Here at Samahita, we’ve taken the decision to ban single-use plastics including bottles and bags, however, as we know the oceans have become the de-facto dumping ground or final destination for plastics and other waste products. As well as cleaning our beachfront on a daily basis we organize an optional weekly beach cleanup with our guests not only to improve our immediate environment but also to bring people together and spread awareness of the problem, giving the beautiful ocean some of the love that it deserves.  Complimentary group activity.

Book Now All-Inclusive

The YogaCoreCycle Program is available all year round. Start when you want and enjoy full flexibility with the length of your stay. Retreats and Trainings run at set times in the year. All programs at Samahita offer you the full schedule and activities.