Samahita Retreat opens to a beautiful, non-touristy beach. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. Your experience here is spread across places of practice and activity, relaxing and dining personal private space or enjoying the company of others in community group spots. We have 4 dedicated yoga shala practice spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, a sea view fitness loft, beachfront lounge and dining, a full juice and coffee bar as well as multiple filtered drinking water stations, a sustainable recycle center, an herbal steam room looking to the beach, a meditation garden, and the typical amenities across our reception, shop and wellness center. All with complimentary wifi access across the property.

Main Yoga Shala

Our centerpiece practice space, designed and built specifically for yoga sessions but also host to meditation sittings, breathwork practice, learning discussions, and video and slide presentations. It can operate as one whole 150 square meter space or be divided into two or three smaller spaces. It carries a special energy from years of dedicated practice on beautifully sustainable bamboo floors, with large open windows keeping it light and airy, opening at one end to the meditation garden and at the other to the pool garden overlooking the beach. It is fully equipped with all types of yoga props as well as inversion swings, TRXs and rope harnesses.

Beachfront Yoga Shala

Many of the daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, and core classes happen here, with over 60 square meters of practice space and the sounds of the ocean from just steps away.

Cycle Studio

Samahita’s purpose-built, soundproofed, air-conditioned indoor cycle studio is equipped with 21 Schwinn Carbon Blue top-of-the-range bikes and a mega sound system. Best is the view – right to the beach. For the self-silent-cycle, we open up the doors so the morning breeze flows in.

Fitness Loft

This loft space functions as open air or closed off from the elements. It has a view of the beach, large mirror on the back wall, dance bars around its perimeter, hard flooring and solid steel structural beams, perfect for all types of fitness, dance, inversion swing, and yoga classes.

Cabana Beachfront Shala

At the beach, next to the pool, exists an extra space for either small sized yoga classes in the morning or private lounging and dining through the rest of the day. A perfect beachside yet shaded personal read or workspace.

Beachfront Dining & Buffet

We offer a full buffet experience from breakfast to lunch and over dinner, with a combination of healthy, local and international dishes. The dining area opens to the pool and looks on to the beach, bright and airy, for small or large groups to sit.

Beachfront Lounge

Another part of your reason to be here is to chill. This lounge is the perfect spot to do nothing, sit and read, or lay back and listen to music. The ideal space to relax and hang with your partner or take time alone. Its open-air quality lets you enjoy the sea breeze, feel the tropics, with a view of the beach.

Juice & Coffee Bar

Fresh juices, both veggie and fruit or a combo, fresh young coconuts, gelato and homemade sweet treats add up to enjoying life while feeling good and healthy. So does coffee, when done right. We source organic Hilltribe Coffee from North Thailand. We offer it in the usual forms but also Bulletproof options. We make and bake everything offered here, all with the best and healthiest ingredients, especially when it comes to oils and sugar.

Multiple Filtered Drinking Water Stations

Water is essential to life. As a retreat center focused on a conscious and conscientious lifestyle, we eschew the sale of plastic bottles and believe in offering our guests the best quality filtered water as part of your experience here. All at no charge. Fill up and hydrate.

Sustainable Recycling Center

Samahita Retreat embodies the quality of a home more so than a commercial resort. We believe in what we do and why emphasizing not just a personal healthy approach but one that cares for the planet. We do our best to compost any leftover food and recycle any other forms of trash, even ones we find washed up on the beach. Join us in clearing your own plate and embracing the green.

Beachfront Swimming Pool

Our saltwater swimming pool is a stone’s throw from the beach and fully equipped with sun loungers and shaded areas. There’s an additional shallow pool for the kids or grown-ups that just want to sit immersed in the water before jumping back into the steam room or taking part in other activities.

Herbal Steam Room

Our herbal steam room uses a blend of Thai herbs (Samonpi) to add the therapeutic effect of steaming. It is on every evening, after the sunset, but can also be requested for use during the daytime. Next, to the pool, its two round windows look out to sea. Enjoy your steaming session with dips in either the pool or the sea. This is a great place to spend time as you participate in our Total Self-care and Brain Health Upgrade programs

Meditation Garden

Next to our main yoga shala rises an impressive Bodhi Tree, similar that which the Buddha sat under for enlightenment. It is a perfect secluded space for quiet contemplation or personal meditation sessions. We also have a traditional Vedic Fire (yajna) Shala for certain mantra chanting rituals. Here, on many occasions, we conduct a fire ceremony, a practice which ignites an extremely positive charge into the earth and surrounding vibration.

ECO-Life Boutique

We have carefully chosen the items we sell in our shop to fit a sustainable and conscientious approach. Products include our own Samahita Retreat creations such as t-shirts, yoga mats, water bottles and notebooks.

Guest Reception

The sense of arrival and most likely the first spot you will visit and continue to walk through many times over your stay. Our friendly and knowledgeable front office team are here to help with any local logistic inquiries or anything to do with your stay. It’s also a good zone to hang in.

The Beach

You’ll visit our non-touristy beach as you stay at the Samahita Retreat. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. The beach covers a long stretch of about 4 kilometers spanning spectacular sunrises each morning to incredibly colorful sunsets in the opposite direction. A walk west leads you to the Golden Pagoda, one of Samui’s oldest and treasured Buddhist shrines.  Take a look at our secluded beach front location on the southern coast of Koh Samui.

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