Women’s Health

By Gill Breetzke
Gill Breetzke explains how and why women should practice Nauli.
By Rebecca Newell
Ladies, it’s time to look at empowering ways we can take charge of this important aspect of our health. Our breasts. With so many women in society being affected with breast cancer it’s vital to spread the facts and education so we can make the best of this one life we have.
By Elonne Stockton
Questions that come up in every training and retreat — without fail! -reflect concern about a woman’s monthly cycle. And it is always surprising how many students deal with amenorrhea (absence of periods) or irregular periods.
By Arielle Nash-Degagne
A woman experiences two or more (depending on pregnancies) significant hormonal shifts in her life, which can dramatically impact what’s going on for her physically and emotionally when she comes to the mat everyday. If you are teacher, ask yourself… before you adjust someone in an asana, do you take into consideration what tendencies they are predisposed to because of their gender?
By Arielle Nash-Degagne
Many pregnant women look to start a yoga practice during pregnancy, and although they should go to a Prenatal Yoga class, what happens when they show up to yours?  Without the proper knowledge, it can be frightening to glance up at the group when your class is starting to see a woman with a baby on board.  Too often, pregnant women are actually ignored in classes, or just told to “skip this one” because the teacher doesn’t know what to do. 
By Arielle Nash-Degagne
My last article left you at Sirsasana while I was 27weeks pregnant with twins. I had gained 14kg and was feeling fantastic on the mat and off. That 14kg turned into nearly 30 by full-term and Sirsasana became a calculated risk, but I still felt amazing, for the most part.