By Kirsten Mia
This week’s topic of focus for Wellbeing Wednesday is massage therapy. Having lived in Thailand for almost a year now, I have found that having a weekly Thai oil massage has been such an amazing addition to my overall health and wellbeing! So, let’s take a further look at the history, development, techniques and benefits of massage, for not only the physical body but the mind and nervous system too.
By Kirsten Mia
We need to eat to survive. Human beings however, have taken eating to a whole other level. Food is not just something we consume to stay alive, it has become part of who we are, our communities and cultures.
By Kirsten Mia
They say, “you are what you eat” and this is certainly true, for the most part. What is your relationship with food? Do you know where it comes from?
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
Mitāhara – moderate eating – then becomes the clarion call of how to manage food with a yoga practice, whether your aim is a healthier physical body or a wish to progress in meditative practice. There is no direct advice given in any older yoga teaching that demands being a vegetarian or vegan. Though you may interpret some other aspects, as in non-violence, to mean vegetarianism, but that is a full debate of its own.
By Rebecca Newell
Cruciferous vegetables belong to the Brassicaceae family of plants. These vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients, typically vitamin A, C and K as well as dietary fiber. They are unique because they possess sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which have been shown to have cancer-fighting properties. So why do we need to eat them? Learn More
By Rebecca Newell
For many people taking a detox is challenging but a highly rewarding experience. Feeling lighter, healthier and happier are common outcomes and makes all the effort worthwhile. But what happens after? Its easy to slip back into unhealthy habits or get stuck in a detox-retox cycle. This blog explains how to maintain that healthy rhythm in your life, make sensible food choices and realise that its not just about what you're eating.
By Rebecca Newell
Samahita is introducing a new white rice dish to the menu. White rice!? Samahita has not been serving white rice for years so why the change? Well, research has shown that cooking white rice with coconut oil, then allowing it to cool and be reheated, decreases the glycemic index and increases the levels of resistant starch - a prebiotic.
By Daniel Stringer
Dr. Al Scopp talks about his early years discovering yoga and being one of the first students to practice with Swami Satchidananda in New York, working at a pioneering neurology lab at Duke university in the 70’s and conducting some of the earliest experiments into biofeedback including testing Swami Satchidananda’s brainwaves and, more recently, conducts anti-aging seminars for medical professionals.
By Anthea Grimason
According to Ayurveda, sattva is the quality of nature that contains balance, peace, harmony, purity and clarity. It is one of the three subtle qualities or ‘gunas’ that exist in all of nature. Anthea's blog gives 5 tips on how to cultivate a satvic state for a healthier, happier and balanced life.
By Samahita Team
Watch all that Samahita has to offer. This incredible video by the very talented Gray Bashew imbues the full meaning and feeling of the Samahita experience. We invite you to take another look to remind yourselves, and share with others, just what it is that keeps us all coming back.
By Sarah Pierroz
Diets that promote inflammation tend to be high in refined starches, sugar, dairy, saturated and trans-fats. Choosing foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber from vegetables, and many natural antioxidants and polyphenols actively lower inflammation in the body
By Rebecca Newell
I believe a lot of the time our cravings are from a lack of balance in our lifestyle. Given how busy everyone is these days, trying to fit everything in, we often lose sight of the important things and plough into mundane, energy draining tasks, and forget about our relationships, our health (exercise), our careers (staying in a job we dread going to every day) and no connection to our spirituality.