By Daniel Stringer
Once pre nauli has been established it's time to learn central nauli and the churning. Here Paul Dallaghan explains while Gill Breetzke and Daniel Stringer demonstrate the stages.
By Samahita Team
1 Minute Yoga - Four women demonstrate four different stages of Nauli. Whatever your level watch this to learn how to move through the different levels of nauli
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
Yoga, though ancient in origin, is now found around the world in one form or another, from traditional ashrams to the modern yoga studio offering its different styles of classes. To take a deeper look reveals asana practice as the most conspicuous representative of this vast tradition of yoga. Many who practice yoga today will not know what the kriyas of hatha yoga are but have most likely come across a few of them in a modern interpretation of those techniques.
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
Video Archive. June 2010 Paul explains Sutra Neti with the aid of a skeleton detailing the anatomy and process of this kriya.