Animal Rights

By Samahita Team
Elephants are used widely throughout Thailand in the tourist industry for providing rides and performing shows. These unfortunate elephants work continuously throughout the day carrying tourists back and forth. It may seem like an exciting novelty but these beautiful animals are worked to exhaustion for decades, given their long life span.
By Alexandra Steyn
Nowadays it is increasingly common to hear about people being vegan or vegetarian. What is the fuss about? It can be a way of life, especially in the yogic tradition, but its popularity is increasing, especially in Europe and the USA. Is it a passing trend or does it really have an impact on your health?
By Emily Alp
What can the street animal population in Thailand teach us about compassion and action? A lot. Each female soi (Thai for “street”) dog can reproduce up to 20 pups every year. The economic situation in Thailand made it impossible for locals to a) prevent a population explosion and b) give basic care to these animals, no matter how much they wished to.