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May 2022 – Lauranne

May 2022 – Shivali

January 2022 – Pete

Laura Sammer

Laura Sammer

After having taken part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat I can only recommend it to everyone who is interested in gaining more insight in the practice and philosophy of yoga.

“After having taken part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat I can only recommend it to everyone who is interested in gaining more insight in the practice and philosophy of yoga. My teacher in Austria suggested doing the teacher training (TT) at Samahita because she knew that I wanted to learn more about pranayama (breathing techniques).

Since many teacher trainings only focus on asana (postures) I am glad to have chosen one that puts emphasis on the breath, mantras, kriyas (cleansing techniques) and provides explanations and discussions about the philosophy behind it. I felt that the TT at Samahita had a very positive effect on my own practice by increasing my awareness. It enhanced my motivation to teach yoga to other people and I feel confident to do so. The adjustment practice and anatomy lessons at Samahita Retreat, that I think are of the highest quality, provided the fundament for teaching in a responsible way. I am grateful for having experienced this wonderful time and look forward to coming back one day.”

The school, the instructors, the setting, the atmosphere, the food, the education, all fabulous! Centered yoga is doing a good thing here at Samahita. This school was a draw for me because of their very educated instructors and their desire to encourage a practice that brings yoga back to what it’s intended for (not hyped up yoga,) and of course the setting right on the beach on the island of Koh Samui was unbeatable.
Deb (USA)
November 2019
My experience with Centered Yoga Institute was wonderful, the program is very complete (anatomy, sanskrit, chants, asana, and adjustments) and serious but at the same time funny in a very peaceful place. Teachers are really recommended and also the location in Thailand, very magical
Luisa (Italy)
August 2019
I‘m so glad I chose to do my 200hr YTT here. Beautiful atmosphere, nurturing environment, passionate teachers, challenging but rewarding curriculum. I experienced personal transformation on many levels, and I can’t wait to return to continue my yoga journey in the near future.
Sophie (Ireland)
November 2019
The most thorough reviews of anatomy, asana, philosophy, Sanskrit, and yoga I have ever seen. Dedicated staff, incredible classmates, peaceful environment. A wholly changing experience. Recommended to all. Thank you.
Devon (USA)
August 2019
Comprehensive and well-structured training curriculum which helped me to build up the skills and knowledge step by step. Teachers are professional and friendly. Nice environment for learning. Smaller class sizes would be even better. Highly recommended.
Samantha Yung (Hong Kong)
November 2019
I must admit that what I’ve been learning here with Centered Yoga has brought out the teacher in me and given me the necessary information about the traditional yoga and guided me to teach sincerely with full awareness. These advanced training courses also equipped me with in-depth knowledge that brought me to a higher level of confidence in teaching. Centered Yoga is a school I will always return to deepen my knowledge and I highly recommend this school to those who are looking for real traditional yoga practice and training.
Chantana (Thailand) - Advanced Training
July 2019
High-quality training (expertise in action - theory and practice with a focus on practice), Skilled, passionate and open-minded teachers with talent, in-depth knowledge and humility The location/facilities/environment is also a must... in-depth training in paradise can also feel like a holiday during off hours...and it all works well and smoothly thanks to the incredibly nice, efficient and devoted staff.

Long Live the Centered Yoga Institute and Samahita.

Gaëlle (Switzerland) - Advanced Training
July 2019
The training was very intense and offered a good structured base/introduction from which to move on to further learning with ease. Thank you
Lucia (Italy)
May 2019
The most amazing school and training - truly a life-changing experience filled with more knowledge, growth, and development than I ever could have imagined!
Jenna (USA)
August 2019
I am so grateful that I chose to do my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Centered Yoga! My time at Samahita was filled with so much love, laughter, tears, and challenges. I learned so many things I didn‘t even know about myself. I received so much support from my teachers at Centered Yoga. My practice has deepened so much! I never thought I’d understand anatomy within 2 weeks of learning it. The teacher taught it so well! Samahita has become a home away from home and the people I met there feel like family. Beyond grateful for this experience, as I feel confident in teaching others now! Definitely will come back for my 300 hours!
Sanya (Canada)
August 2019
I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to learn from the excellent teachers at Samahita Retreat. The founder, Paul Dallaghan, led our training almost every day. This was supplemented with Anatomy Instruction led by Arielle Nash-Degagne, as well as Chanting led by Gillian Breetzke. Everything has been thought of...

The food? Amazingly healthy, amazingly good.

The Guest Rooms: Just this side of luxurious, with enough simplicity to cultivate a focused mind.

The environment? Right on a private beach, with a lovely indoor shala as well as two outdoor ones.

The pool is a lovely refresher, the staff is as absolute delight, and the massage therapists knew just where to go. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. This is the place. Really.

Jack (USA)
May 2019
The team of teachers led by Paul is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. I felt safe and supported in my practice. The place is wonderful! Located on a beautiful private beach and away from the distraction of “touristy” things means being able to really turn inwards in my yoga journey.
Lydia (Malaysia) - Advanced Training
July 2019
An in-depth and inspiring program taught by incredibly knowledgable teachers. You emerge with a far deeper understanding of your practice, your teaching and yourself as a human being.
Leah (UK) - Advanced Training
July 2019

Bérengère Mercier

What an inner jouney in Samahita ! I took this 200 hour yoga teacher training mainly to go deeper into my yoga practice. I already thought yoga was a life changer, but the inner change I felt in Thailand was really beyond my expectations.

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Kate Sheppard

After many months of research into which 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course I should embark upon, I decided the Centred Yoga Foundation Training at Samahita Retreat was for me.

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Sara Corrigan

I first heard of the Samahita Retreat through a recommendation from a teacher. Upon further research, I became intrigued by the name, Centered Yoga. Over years of practice, I encountered many flavors of teaching and yogic philosophy. I knew for my 200-hour teacher training I wanted a grounded but challenging course, both physically and mentally.

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Luisa Attolini

There are certain moments when life seems to happen, things around us  naturally evolve towards a direction that we do not yet, and then comes a  moment when everything seems clear and in the mind a limpid idea appears, such as an illumination or revelation, which we feel we must  follow, dragged by a kind of major force.

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Amanda Spain

I have recently completed the Centered Yoga, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat in Thailand and embarking on this journey was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

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Barbara Burkhard

My decision to take part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Centered Yoga Samahita in Thailand was a easy one. I had visited Samahita many times before, and I never forget my first holiday there, the peaceful place right at the ocean, the perfect setting for a escape out of our busy and sometimes stressful lives.

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Jane Rees

I chose Samahita Retreat Centered Yoga to do my 200 yoga teacher training after doing a lot of research and also a recommendation from a teacher.

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Julie Curtis

I came into yoga from a fitness background and for many years used it as my stretching practice. I ran, cycled and did crossfit, yoga was my counter balance. I knew it made me feel good but didn’t need to know any more than that.

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Hope this message finds you well. I had a very nice experience during my stay in Samahita. I hope the review below could help people step out and come to Samahita.

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Centered Yoga, the teachers, the place (Samahita Retreat) and their program exceeded my expectations in every possible way. The main teacher, Paul Dallaghan, is the best teacher that I have come across. Not only does he have extensive knowledge and understanding of yoga, but he truly cares about his students and how their yoga practice and teaching evolves. He is always available and responsive whenever you need him or regardless of wherever you are. This is more than any teacher or yogi could hope for. I continue my journey with sincere gratitude.
Sami (Finland)
May 2018

Ludmilla Dervey

Before coming to Thailand for the Centered Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training in Samahita Retreat, my relationship to yoga was very inconsistent and superficial. I knew yoga was good for me, but I was not disciplined enough to have a regular practice in my hectic life and I was mainly focusing on getting some asanas done.

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Irene Visser

I participated in the Centered Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in August 2018 at the beautiful Samahita Retreat in Thailand. Samahita perfectly balanced all I was looking for in a YTT. Paul and the team teach a yoga that is scientific, structured but taught from the heart.

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Lydia Sylvester

Picking up yoga in 2014 from the comforts of my warm toasty room in Greenland meant that my understanding of the practice was mostly from what I saw on YouTube, which was mostly asana practice. I began practicing ashtanga regularly after being inspired by Kino MacGregor. However, the more I practiced the more questions I seemed to have.

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Michelle Li

Despite of my professional establishment in the fitness field, i.e., 2 years as Fitness Physique Champion armed with over 12 international recognized certifications & awarded as best coaching, I was holding back to start yoga for many years simply because I feel is crucial to improve multiple areas same time of your life, from motivation to habits, and tapping into the power of lifelong learning.

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Silvia Auer

I decided to apply for the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat in Thailand looking for a way to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga and my expectations were certainly more than met. I loved how anatomy and philosophy were taught in a way that one could connect to it and see how to apply it in practice.

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I came to Samahita to undo myself: my mind, body and soul. Upon arrival my expectations were blown away due to the kindness, compassion, and mindfulness exhibited by all of the guests and staff.

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The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training absolutely deserves to be described as an education in yoga. Even though I expected that Paul and his Teaching Team are exceptional Yoga Teachers my expectations were exceeded during the month at Samahita Retreat.

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Lise Carrière

I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years now – pretty regularly, and various forms (hot, power, yin, hatha, etc.). The past 5 years saw a bit of a downgrade in my practice as I tried to balance working mega international events abroad with a regular practice.

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The course was very well structured and exceeded my expectations. The team of teachers in Centered Yoga was also extremely supportive throughout the course and very willing to share their experiences.
Ai Yee (Malaysia)
November 2018
This school exceeded all of my expectations, they give a full and well-rounded education to start of yoga teacher’s journey. All the course content is current and relevant and in-depth. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to complete their training.
Georgie (UK)
November 2018
Centered Yoga Institute has a team of an outstanding crew that brings you the most professional yoga teacher training course. The overall experience at this Institute was amazing. The training was an excellent combination of theory and practice.
Lydia (China)
November 2018

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