Experts Praise Samahita

Many guest teachers come to Samahita and offer their teachings throughout the year. Some of the leading teachers have kindly shared their praise of and respect for Samahita. Please read what Sri O.P. Tiwari, Daphne Tse, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Tiffany Cruikshank, Simon Low, David Robson and Kino McGregor have to say.

Sri O.P. Tiwari is a lifelong yogi, expert in pranayama, head of the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute in India, a devoted student of and successor to Swami Kuvalayananda who was a pioneer in teaching yoga since 1924 and the first dedicated scientific researcher on the yoga practices. Tiwariji has been involved with Samahita and Centered Yoga since 2002, coming to teach and be a part of the offering here. When he is not in his native India Samahita is one of his favorite and most rewarding places to come to. Along with Paul, the founder of Samahita, he has spent many hours practicing here and tapping into the positive energy of the retreat. Tiwariji writes: “I am proud to say a few words regarding my feelings towards Samahita. The word itself has a great significance, which means the place where everything can be accommodated. In my opinion, Samahita is a place where everything is respected, loved, and shared. Students who visit the retreat are taught to share the experience and feeling of life through yoga and other means.Yours, O.P. Tiwari”


Samahita is a place I like to call my second home. With my extensive travel schedule, being on the road can be very challenging to feel grounded. When I land on Samui and am greeted by the smiling faces of the Samahita staff, I feel like I’ve returned home. Paul has created an amazing sanctuary to immerse in, from yoga to cardio to healing music and massage to nourishing, delicious meals and invigorating fresh juices to the eco-luxury guest rooms. The stunning beach front location, the sounds of the birds, ocean waves and mesmerizing sunsets and mainly the community of global friends and family that keep calling me back to Samahita year after year. Samahita is a place for global community to come together, to heal together, to laugh together, to breath & sing together and experience the freedom of presence in Nature. I recommend Samahita to anyone yearning to experience the healing power of community through the many practices of yoga, holistic health and wellness.

Few places on earth are gorgeous and remote, yet just a stones throw from some of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s rare to find a retreat center in such a setting that offers deep teaching with a friendly and open-minded approach, where the staff is absolutely attentive to every detail that makes your stay comfortable, while being completely unobtrusive. Where the food is bountiful, delicious, healthy and made to meet your needs and the spa and healing services are right on the mark. Samahita Retreat is one of these places. Some might call this Paradise. We do!

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“I have had the privilege to visit many retreats centers and Samahita remains one of my favorites. I have returned to Samahita Retreat year after year and I’m pleased to return again. My students and I love the gorgeous, clean & private beaches, a beautiful practice space and a vibrant array of healthy food. There is a peace of mind knowing that my group will be taken care of by Samahita’s kind staff in a beautifully quiet corner of Koh Samui.””

“It is the inspiring and authentic atmosphere at Samahita that calls me back every year to lead retreats and Yoga Academy teacher trainings. The high standard of the retreat facilities and the therapeutic offerings within the Wellness Centre offer the perfect surroundings that so effectively support, education, understanding and awakening of the mind, body and soul.”

“Paul has created an idyllic retreat at Samahita. Everything about Samahita, from the food to the landscaping to the guest rooms, supports the students’ journey into yoga. I love the beautiful shalas right on the beach, and the quiet atmosphere of the retreat in general. I wholeheartedly recommend Samahita as a destination for your yoga retreat.”

“Koh Samui is a tropical paradise. This is one of my favorite spots in the whole world to lead retreats. The space is a spiritually oriented center, the food both delicious and healthy, and the spa treatments absolutely world class. Sunrise on the beautiful, quiet beach is one of the most amazing and healing experiences in the world.”